Where can I find documentation on what your software does and how it works?

We have an extensive user manual and are working on getting a wiki set up to answer all of your questions.

What platforms does the software support?

The software is currently only available on Windows. We intend to release OSX and Linux versions in the near future.

How can I get updates for your software?

Currently, our best method of distributing updates for the configuration, file-driven version of the software is to send an e-mail link to prior purchasers. A future version of the software will include a built-in updater.

I am ready to create my own scenario, what do I do?

Once you have selected your itinerary, simply point the configuration file at your itinerary, digital elevation model, and orthography and run the application.  The user manual provides a list of supported file formats as well as other scenario specific parameters.

I don't have my own data, what do I do?

The user manual provides instructions on how to use publicly available sources to get data for your scenario. Affine Technologies also provides retrieval of this data as a service. For pricing, contact affinetechnologies@gmail.com.

My software doesn't work, what should I do?

The most common issue that causes the program to fail to load is out of date graphics drivers. Please update to your most recent drivers, and try again. We are working on getting a customer support wiki set up to diagnose a wider range of errors, in more detail.

The software doesn't work, and I want a refund!

Affine Technologies is always looking to improve our products, and we would be happy to issue a refund. We also ask that you explain what went wrong, so we can do better next time. Currently, we are investigating the best method of issuing refunds. Stay tuned.