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Medicine Delivery Drones Could Help Remote Amazon Villiages

Amazon Rainforest Drones Medicine delivery

Tests are currently underway to determine if drones could help deliver medicine and medical supplies to remote villages in the Amazon rainforest.  

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Drones are Helping French Police Catch Dangerous Drivers

Drones France Police

While some may have concerns about the long arm of the law, these are much safer than high speed pursuits on the ground:  

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Polar Bears

Drones Infrared camera Intel Polar Bears

Drones can be a big boon to zoologists too, a great way to observe animals without their knowing you are upon them:    

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Project Loon

Drones Hurricane relief Puerto Rico

Inflatables are drones too. Project Loon restores internet service to 100,000 Puerto Ricans.

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LG Concept Drone Phone

Concept design Drones LG Phone

Currently technologically unfeasible, but fun to think about. RIP your battery.

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